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  • Support Center Agents in a Call Center

    Skilled Agents Executing High Volume Tasks

    Take advantage of skilled, highly trained labor to perform high volume tasks that require human involvement.

  • Support Center Agent on a Computer

    High Volume Data Entry Services

    Partner with Callzilla to prepare, qualify, process, and submit financial transactions, applications, medical transcriptions and more.

Enterprise Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a niche form of outsourcing that focuses on specific components of your business process. These specific business process tasks are usually reoccurring and require a human’s touch, thus shifting your internal personnel’s focus away from core business activities and forcing them to the mundane tasks.

Make sure your staff is focused on activities that generate revenue by outsourcing elements of your internal business process. Partner with Callzilla to help process data, input, calculate, and migrate data with Callzilla’s business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Our skilled data representatives excel at high volume tasks requiring human involvement, such as entering data, processing form submissions, calculating results, transcribing records, entering keystrokes, and migrating information from one system to the next.

These services are particularly useful to those handling financial transactions, member and account applications, and medical transcriptions. Outsourcing BPO lets businesses reallocate internal personnel resources and shift their focus toward a higher skilled activity in support of continued business growth.

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In May 2017, Callzilla was named Best Outsourcing Provider 2017 at the Global Contact Center Awards run by ICMI.



Merchant lender taps Callzilla, makes funding offers 30% faster

A merchant lender was disappointed with performance at its India-based contact center. Callzilla cut turnaround time on its offers by 30% and improved accuracy by 20%.


Pharma firm improves patient adherence from 16% to 88% in 60 days

A company with large pharmaceutical clients hired Callzilla to help it improve patient adherence. Within 60 days, patient adherence rose from 16% to 88%.


Cosmetics brand hires Callzilla; conversions, average order value rise

A cosmetics company hired Callzilla to help it reduce abandons and raise average order value. To do it, Callzilla focused on customer experience.

“Very pleased with Callzilla’s speed”

“Since our time to input our submissions is faster, it is making it easier and faster for our underwriters to send an offer to our merchants. Overall, our entire team is very pleased with the progress that Callzilla is making and speed. Let's keep up the good work!!!”

- CEO, U.S. Commercial Lending Institution

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