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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Answering the Top 5 Questions Googled About Customer Experience

The road map to enhancing your customer experience lies in the root of your customer's wants and needs. The best way to identify that (or arguably, the only way) is getting into your customer's perspective. By understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points, you can create a more personalized, engaging, and memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more. The same goes for our clients, the businesses and brands that partner with us to manage their customer experience. So, in this blog we're answering the top 5 questions that people Google about customer experience.

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Social Awareness

A lot of people in our field are repeating the same social media content. That's OK. The problem is the people who aren't.

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How General Motors Built a Great Social Media Program

This month I had a rare opportunity to see General Motors' customer care operation in Detroit. GM has won awards for customer care (I saw them hanging on the wall) and from what I could see the praise is well deserved.

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