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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Callzilla Customer Service Week

With 2020 playing out as it has, it was more important than ever to celebrate our hard working team members during Customer Service week. Customer Service Week is an annual reminder of how vital excellent customer service is to an organization’s success, especially this year with our front line agents facing so many challenges. Here at Callzilla, we’re happy to share how we celebrated our team last week, both on site and virtually.

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Callzilla on the Move | Customer Experience Events | Callzilla ©

Callzilla is always on the move…

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Electronic Retailing Association’s D2C Recap

Substance. Not something Las Vegas is always known for. Glitz, glamour, show-time, the lights, the parties. You know the rest. I’m happy to report, however, that the ERA D2C event in Vegas last week was full of very shareable moments and concrete key takeaways.

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Where We'll Be: Summer & Fall 2017 Events

Recent and upcoming gatherings where you can find our executives. Attending one of the summer or fall events mentioned here? Please get in touch.

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