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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Automated Services: ChatBot, IVR, Voice Broadcast Messaging, and More

One of the best ways for companies to improve their customer service operations is automated services; These tools are all about cost savings without losing service quality. Here at Callzilla, we want you to know about some of the automated tools you can add to your customer care department. Follow along and find what suits your company the most.

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#CXBusinessBlast: Victoria's Secret

We are starting a new series where we highlight companies who are doing #CustomerExperience right! Callzilla is not affiliated with these brands, but they caught our attention with the way they treat their customers. Join us in a fun analysis of the full customer experience, and nominate your company for the next business blast by emailing marketing@callzilla.cx

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Smart IVR Solution: ensure the correct connection for your customers

When talking about call center services, efficiency and cost savings are 2 factors that are usually included in this conversation. “How can we make this faster and cheaper?” is the one-million-dollar question. And most of the tools we use for customer service do both of these, with the added improvement to customer satisfaction.

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Artificial Intelligence: What Is It, and How Exactly Is It Used in Your Contact Center Tools?

This is the year of automation, and with that everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what does that mean?

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Service Automation: What it is and Some Examples

Today, the world revolves around technology, and the customer support industry is no exception to the rule. Just a couple of decades ago the only way to reach out to a company was by sending a letter, then telephone support came, and nowadays even that is starting to become out-of-date. The truth is that automated systems have taken over several services that call centers offer. Follow along and find out what customer service automation in the contact center industry is all about, and some examples of how it is already being implemented in our practices at Callzilla.

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At Large with Customer Experience Expert Neal Topf

Excerpts of early 2017 interviews with Callzilla's Neal Topf.

Topics: Customer Service Automation

Call Center BPO Automation & Where Humans Fit In | Callzilla


There is talk about advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the like putting live agents out of work, but Callzilla leadership views them as tremendous opportunities to add value. Callzilla President Neal Topf had the pleasure to serve on a panel assembled by Fonolo The purpose and topic of this panel was “Call Center BPO Automation: Where Do Humans Fit In?” He joined Shai Berger, Fonolo, CEO; Mark Hillary, IT Decisions, CEO/Writer; Peter Ryan, Ryan Strategic Advisory, Principal; and Jeremy Watkin, FCR, Head of Quality. Daniela Puzzo, Director of Marketing at Fonolo, moderated the discussion. 

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