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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Wireless Giant Upgrades Inbound Call Centers to Stem Churn

A leading U.S. wireless carrier had been using outsourced contact centers in the Philippines, India, Palestine, and Ohio to serve a segment of its market. Compared to the company's benchmarks, none of the four centers converted enough calls into sales, resolved enough issues on the first call, or handled live chat well. Callzilla outperformed all four of the other centers on QA and First Call Resolution within about seven months. Among the improvements: contract renewals rose from 50 percent to 85 percent.

Topics: Case Studies

Media Giant Taps Callzilla to Modernize E-Commerce Customer Care

A large music distributor had handled customer service in-house since the beginning. But in 2016, it entrusted a portion to Callzilla.

Topics: Case Studies

Apparel Retailer Finds Perfect Fit with Callzilla's E-Commerce Customer Care

An apparel retailer tapped us for extra help, including e-commerce customer care, during the holiday rush. In just 60 days, we outperformed their other center on QA scores and other metrics.
Topics: Case Studies

Call Center Success Stories: Helping a Lender Make Offers 30% Faster

Within 30 days of hiring Callzilla, a commercial lender saw big changes in its speed and accuracy. Here's the story.
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Making Friends with a Beauty Queen

To me, Zappos has always seemed like the beauty queen of customer service. Everyone in our industry gushes about how beautiful she is. Not all of us can be Zappos.

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