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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

#CXBusinessBlast: Victoria's Secret

We are starting a new series where we highlight companies who are doing #CustomerExperience right! Callzilla is not affiliated with these brands, but they caught our attention with the way they treat their customers. Join us in a fun analysis of the full customer experience, and nominate your company for the next business blast by emailing marketing@callzilla.cx

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Why Live Chat is the Channel That’s Changing the Customer Care Game

Callzilla recently implemented live chat customer service capabilities for a client. This client, a subscription-based live television streaming service, initially only offered email as a means of customer service. Reflecting the bad old days of email customer care, response times ranged between 3 to 5 business days and time-to-resolution untold, their customer satisfaction rate was very low and had it been measured, customer effort, very high. In partnering with Callzilla, they implemented new channels—phone and most recently, live chat, for a multi-channel customer service approach. What we’ve found is that many of their customers experience a whole host of problems but this company was unaware because they utilized the wrong channels. This approach worked for this client, but why? Can it work for all businesses?

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Call Center Technology for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Proprietary call center technology plays a tremendous role in Callzilla's ability to provide full-service outsourced contact center services to its customers.

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Outsourced Contact Center Trends Not Happening #3: AI and AR in Agent Training

Why isn't artificial intelligence and augmented reality used in training and retaining contact center agents? Third in a series about call center trends that aren't happening and should.

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6 Tips on Effective Call Center Gamification [Checklist]

Gamification can help you measure a variety of metrics in a very public way.
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Call Center Technology Wish List

If you had a limited budget and could introduce only one new customer service technology into your contact center, what would it be? Here's how some pros answered.

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The Rules of the Game

During an August trip to Detroit I had the good fortune to meet people from some very well known brands: General Motors, Fiat-Chrysler, Kellogg's, Domino's Pizza, Flagstar Bank and Volkswagen. They all had one thing in common: They were interested in gamification.

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It's A-Me, Mario!

Here's the scoop on an ongoing debate between Jeff Tolster, Nate Brown, and me. 

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On Cloud 9: Hot Topic at Call Center Industry Events is Employee Engagement Through Gamification

I'm talking about Gamification, one of the most important tools in contact center employee engagement, at two industry events.

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