Benfits of offshoring

Offshoring is the practice of moving a portion of a company’s business process to a country overseas in order to take advantage of the lower costs. There are many benefits to this practice, with the reduction in cost being the main draw. Outsourcing allows companies to optimize their resources, expand their customer base and grow their business faster than if they were to tackle every aspect on their own. Offshore outsourcing creates a space for all of this to happen without the need for a large budget.

Benefits of offshore call center outsourcing:

   1. Reduced cost

  • Outsourcing to offshore companies is cheaper than utilizing onshore or nearshore companies. Offshore outsourcing is typically based in developing countries which have a reduced operational cost. The affordability is one of the main draws of outsourcing to an offshore call center. The varying economies among different developing countries allows for businesses to save on labor costs, materials and other costly components that go into running a business.

   2. Saves on time and resources

  • Outsourcing allows companies to choose established businesses to take over a portion of their company operations. When outsourcing, businesses no longer have to dedicate time or money to hiring, firing, training, and management of teams within that sector of their business. The offshore outsourcing company will already have their core business established that they can then refine based on the needs of your business.

   3. Flexibility

  • While utilizing an offshoring company can allow companies to run business operations 24/7, outsourcing also allows for flexibility of these services. Should a business not require certain operations to be done year round, they can hire these services just for the months that are necessary. This lowers operational costs even more and is a large financial incentive to outsource.

  4. Expansive service options

  • Due to the cost effective nature of offshore outsourcing, many businesses utilizing these services can afford to offer a greater variety of services to their customers no matter their time zone. Offering 24/7 services may not be plausible when done internally, but when hired through an offshore outsourcing service, 24/7 service can be offered as well as automated intelligence interactions and data analysis software. Software development can be an expensive task. Offshore outsourcing is a great cost saving way to maintain quality and quantity of services.

What costs does offshore outsourcing reduce?

  • Software development
  • Labor
  • General operations
  • Trainingbenefits -of-offshoring
  • Time Flexibility
  • Turnover
  • Recruiting
  • Customer Service
  • Call Center Management
  • Technology

Creating a call center in house is an expensive and time consuming task. This can distract from the main purpose of a business due to the amount of money and management that service centers require. Outsourcing reduces costs and time commitments. Businesses who outsource obtain the added advantage of implementing their contact center services quickly and efficiently. Companies do not have to worry about refining the operations within the contact centers because the established call center agents have already finetuned their operations.

Time saving advantages of offshoring:

  • Contact center agent training

  Hiring an offshore agency to conduct call center services means you will not have to be concerned with the time it takes to recruit and train agents.

  • Software development

    Outsourcing to established contact center agencies eliminates the need for a business to dedicate time to software development and technology management.

  • General business operations

    Time does not need to be dedicated to business operations when outsourcing. The services obtained will provide an established management team to run call center operations without the hiring businesses interference. Customer service quality control can be monitored and maintained by the call center business without the need for the hiring business time.

  • Expert availability

    Offshore outsourcing means your business can defer call center decisions and issues to experts in that field. The call center should have experts that can handle technological issues, complicated customer complaints, and management issues within the contact center. This frees up a businesses time to focus their expertise on their products and services.


Outsourced call center service options:

  • Upgraded software

    Companies who specialize in call center services have the most up to date software available that enhances the customer experience and allows for smooth business operations.

  • Flexible services

    Services can be offered 24/7 through contact centers that allow customers to reach a solution to their problems whenever and wherever they are. These services can also be contracted for just a few months out of the year, or year round. If your business is seasonal and you only require customer assistance for the winter or summer months, you would not need to pay for the service year round or worry about rehiring contact center agents each year.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence allows companies to reduce both time and costs surrounding contact center interactions. AI is a great resource that can assist in customer interactions and tracking of customer utilizations. Outsourcing allows companies to utilize existing AI without first needing to become experts in the implementation of artificial intelligence systems.

  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis is an important aspect of business operations and call center information. Data analysis of customer interactions provides companies with integral insight into call center operations and the customer experience.

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