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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Ryan Romero

Chief process improvement strategist specializing in sales & marketing operations engineering including product & program management/strategy utilizing advanced contact center technologies.

Recent Posts by Ryan Romero:

Outsourced Contact Center Trends Not Happening #3: AI and AR in Agent Training

Why isn't artificial intelligence and augmented reality used in training and retaining contact center agents? Third in a series about call center trends that aren't happening and should.

Topics: Call Center Technology

Call Center Trends Not Happening #2: Mobile-Friendly Multi-Channel

Why isn't multi-channel customer care friendlier to mobile phone users? Second in a series about call center trends that aren't happening and should. (Links to other posts in this series at the bottom.)

Topics: Omni-Channel Customer Service

Call Center Trends NOT Happening #1: Eye Contact (Why Not?)

Trends, trends, trends. How about advances not happening that should? Here's my first example - your thoughts?

Topics: Call Center Insights

Balancing Contact Center Cost vs. Value

Two chats at a trade show gave me shocking reminders about some of our competition. These exchanges got me thinking about how much the idea of a cheap call center will cost plenty in the long run.

Topics: Call Center Insights

I'm Listening

The single best piece of advice I’ve ever received, and the four C's that shape how I interact with clients and prospects.

Topics: About Callzilla