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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Corey Klein

Head of marketing

Recent Posts by Corey Klein:

Customer Experience World Games 2022


What started as a response to the uncertainty of 2020, the Customer Experience World Games is set to continue its third year because of the value it brings to organizations in need. Created by CX Specialist, Christopher Brooks, this event brings CXers together from all industries and experience levels to make a difference in the global community. In its first two years, the CX World Games had a meaningful impact on charities, social causes, and independent retailers. In an interview with Brooks, he revealed that the 2022 games will have a similar focus, mostly including charities.

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#CXBusinessBlast: Victoria's Secret

We are starting a new series where we highlight companies who are doing #CustomerExperience right! Callzilla is not affiliated with these brands, but they caught our attention with the way they treat their customers. Join us in a fun analysis of the full customer experience, and nominate your company for the next business blast by emailing marketing@callzilla.cx

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10 Ways to Utilize VoiceBot in your Business

Chances are you’ve interacted with a VoiceBot at some point, whether that be calling your doctor’s office or asking Alexa for the weather. VoiceBots have made their way into our everyday lives, as they make routine tasks more efficient. Here are some ways you can incorporate VoiceBots into your own business for efficiency, but also cost savings: 

How Callzilla Utilizes Artificial Intelligence in their ChatBots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in the contact center industry these past few years. Even with the term floating around, it can be difficult to visualize exactly how AI can be implemented in our tools and services to improve customer experience and make our lives easier. In this article, I’ll give my personal account of how the artificial intelligence in our ChatBot service does just that.

I oversee the automation projects for Callzilla, but my experience is in Client Success and Marketing. Since I’m not technically trained in programming or coding, I need user friendly tools that do the technical work for me, so I can focus on upkeep and operational settings.

Managing a Social Media Crisis

We’re all aware that not everything in business runs smoothly 100% of the time, no matter how prepared or organized a company is. Mistakes happen and with the new world of viral media, the public demands accountability. Some cases are more egregious than others, but make no mistake that all social media crises should be handled with care.