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Our Chatbot also comes equipped with self-learning capabilities. It takes queries from users and starts to recognize patterns. It then projects the correct response based on historical data and auto calculates a confidence score. If the bot is 80% positive it has the correct response, it will automatically memorize and utilize that new pattern for upcoming queries. Don’t worry, the human administrator receives an alert when new patterns are memorized, so the bot is learning with supervision!

It is possible to create a semi automatic environment for interactions that require tier 2 attention, or if the customer elects to communicate with a live agent. Business rules are customizable for each program, and will vary based on your needs.

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analisis_icon_100Key ChatBot Features

Self Learning Capabilities.
Omni-Language (24 languages).
Universal API & Flexible Integrations.
FAQ Management.
Typo Detection Engine.
Sales Engagement.
Objection Handling.
Enable Communication with a Personalized Human Touch.
Inflow Customer Orchestrator.
Intent Analysis.
Product Discovery.
SaaS Platform.

analisis_icon_100Analytics Features

Brand Insights.
Self Learning.
Deflection Rate.
Unresolved Queries Reporting.
Customer Satisfaction Scores.
Categorical Analytics.
Enterprise Grade Reporting.


Reduction in customer wait time (speed of answer), high resolution rates for simple, repetitive questions and tasks, cost reduction to Clients.

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