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Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that assists incoming callers in navigating your phone system before speaking with a live representative. This is an automated service that interacts with your callers. The IVR is a self help option that directs your customers through a flow, to ensure they are connected with the correct department or representative. It can also be used to collect credit card information in a secure way, or other customer data. An IVR is usually placed at the beginning of a caller interaction, but customers can be utilized at any point in the call.

Input a decision tree that will direct the caller where they need to go by pressing certain numbers associated with each branch. Callzilla's Client Success Team is available to assist with this process. We can then input the decision tree and recordings into any telephony system of your choice. The caller's journey through the IVR will be recorded in a report for your knowledge. Options can be added or removed from the IVR at any time.

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