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Also known as a conversational virtual assistant, a voicebot is a fully automated tool to have two way conversations, inbound or outbound, with customers. A set of preprogrammed responses are prepared together by Callzilla and our clients to receive and respond to inbound questions and problems and make calls and have conversations in outbound calls.

A decision tree structure exists in the programming to be able to respond to a planned set of questions, without intervention by a customer care agent.

It is possible to create a semi automatic environment for interactions that the bot can not adequately respond to or to route the chat to a live agent in case the customer either elects to communicate with a live agent or if the bot is programmed to route any unresolved questions to the live agent for human intervention.

Callzilla utilizes a proprietary virtual assistant platform for both inbound and outbound voicebot conversations.


Reduction in customer wait time (speed of answer), high resolution rates for simple, repetitive questions and tasks, cost reduction to Clients.

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